Womb Yoga


Connecting To Our Divine Feminine


We are taught in this society that our wombs are just a place where we create physical life.In actuality it the place where the oldest secrets lie. it is the most sacred place of our body. We received guidance, clarity, peace, energy, creative expression ad power from her. Our womb has the ability to create our dreams and realities. She has the power to heal, transform us and those around us. 

Our ancestors were very connected to their womb. They understood the knowledge, wisdom, and secrets that she holds. Today we are very disconnected from our ancient teacher. Our disconnection affects our lives in many ways. 

When we are not able to create and express our deepest desires, womb ailments develop. At first we will see heavy, painful periods, and PMS. Eventually it will develope into fibroids, cyst, endometriosis, and infertility.

We make our heads our center of gravity instead using our wombs to ground us. Instead of being in harmony with the masculine we compete on the their conditions and terms .Because we are under so much pressure to meet the demands of mom, daughter, partner,and career woman, we watch the imbalance of society right before our eyes. We witness wars, the depletion and extinction of our ecosystem, the loss of family values and structure, the inability to preserve culture and the destruction of many intimate relationships between the masculine and feminine. So what do we do?

Take a moment and ask your self the following questions: 

Do you have disease in your womb  

Have you had any major surgery involving your womb 

You never grieved an abortion or miscarriage

Have you suffered sexual, physical, or emotional abuse

Do you hold back pleasure when making love

Do you go against your gut feelings 

Do you get period pain or heartburn or bloating 

Do you compete with other women 

Do you distrust men 

If you answered yes to any of these questions you hold blockages in your womb

We can eliminate blockages through raw organic foods, herbal teas, deep breathing and meditation, speaking positive words and affirmations, spiritual baths, yoni steaming, using herbal detox tampons, and crystal work.

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