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Greetings Goddesses!

black holistic nurse

A Nation Cannot Rise Any Higher Than Its Woman. I AM Rasha Ma’at Auset. Welcome to a website devoted to the Sacred Art of Womb Healing! I am a Registered Nurse Board Certified in Holistic Health through The ANCC. I've been in healthcare for 10 years.There was a period in time where my focus was on helping my clients heal themselves through nutritional health related to cancer, diabetes, mental health, STDs, heart disease, kidney disease, and autoimmune disorders. That is when I birthed Holistic Health Group of NW Florida and the Chicagoland Area. I noticed that most of my clients were women and their DIS-eases were deeper than nutrition! in 2015 I decided to take a different approach to holistic health. The company now focuses on the woman's holistic health centered around the spiritual, physical and mental release of present and past trauma.

I introduce to you Women's Wellness Clinic, Holistic Healthcare Group's sister company. I am honored and grateful to share this amazing work with you. WWC is created collectively through the many experiences along my journey. By becoming certified in Womb Reiki through the Yoni Steam Institute, my cleints are able to dissolve energetic blocks of the womb and create balance between the heart and the womb centers. Becoming a Kemetic Yoga Instructor RYT , my clients are able to experience postures and breath work from an African perspective . I am also dedicated to helping women heal through the art of African Bellydance. I completed my rites of passage and ascended through International Healer & Author Queen Afua's Sacred Women Program later to become a Practitioner of the program.All these experiences have helped me learn the art of womb healing from a holistic perspective and how important it is to start healing the woman through her womb. 

Every experience a woman has gets stored inside of her womb on an energetic level, within her tissues, and organs. I learned how to release, heal, and overcome trauma within myself and then was able to offer it to other women. Women report relief of depression, overcoming fears, shrinking fibroids, and mending relationships.My divine purpose is helping all women heal but especially those within the black community where resources are limited. 

I have partnered up with Kahina Sehkmet of Egyptian Dancefit and Sabrina Ewell of Serene Radiance Yoga in Chicago. My sister Sabrina; Hath Yoga Instructor RYT; and I focus on helping women tap into their goddess energy through meditation, rituals of self-love and by incorporating the use of yoni eggs into their self-care routine. Kahina; Certified Bellydance, Pilates, and Personal Trainer; and I achieve our goals of womb healing through holistic workshops with emphasis on African Bellydance. Bellydance is an ancient North African healing art which tones pelvic floor muscles, helping to dissolve lymph nodes, to clear out stagnant energy within the womb space, increase blood flow reducing infections, assist in fertility and the preparation of birthing a child during labor.

As you browse this site you will be able to access yoni eggs made out of real genuine stone that are safe to use and that get real results! You will have access to our blog that discusses yoni eggs and will answer all the questions you've had regarding them. Each egg is infused with reiki, inspected, energetically cleansed and charged. If you don't know which egg is right for you I have also personally made a assessment that willassist you in the right direction. Please browse our other blogs that discuss crystal healing, color therapy, nutrition, thought therapy and energy healing. Don't hesitate to leave a comment or even visit us on Facebook and join the Sacred Yoni Community!Peace & love Queens

-Goddess Auset