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Rasha Maat Auset, RN-HN, RYT, WRP

black holistic nurse

Rasha Ma’at Auset (Born Rachel Readus) is a Registered Nurse Certified in Holistic Health by the ANCC. She is a Certified Yoga instructor, Nurse Nutritionist and a Practitioner of Energy Medicine. Rasha has been in the healthcare field for over a decade incorporating her business Holistic Healthcare Group and Women's Wellness Clinic into the modern healthcare models at hospitals and homes across the country.

Rasha is a dedicated practitioner of womb healing. At the beginning of her career Rasha focused on helping clients safely and effectively transition off of medication through nutrition. After some time, she noticed that most of her clients were women and most of their ailments required healing that was deeper than nutrition-based therapies. She emerged herself in programs that were centered around the sacred art of womb healing and has traveled to several indigenous countries that led her to release her own childhood trauma.

At a very young age Rasha experienced  violence in her home environment, her mother’s passing, and sexual assault at a very young age. These events developed into the manifestation of severe anxiety, depression, and painful menstrual cycles. Through yoga, meditation, energy work, vegan-lifestyle, and connecting with her indigenous African roots; she was able to alleviate her ailments.

As a result, she connected to her divine purpose which was to empower other women to heal their traumas. Throughout the year Rasha & Women's Wellness Clinic LLC host womb healing workshops that assist women in cultivating their sexual energy, womb yoga classes, healing circles for women, and intensive programs dedicated to providing women tools to heal themselves from the inside out. For more information please subscribe or email us at info@thewomenswellnessclinic.com